Please note:

Much of the below information is relevant to Mt Evelyn only.

If your volunteer session is at Montrose, there will be a committee person there with you to run the session.

Please respond to your reminder by sending an email to or using this form so that we know you will be attending your duty.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your shift. The library should be set up with everything ready to go by the opening time – including collection of keys and setting up of laptop.

Mt Evelyn – Collect Key

If you are rostered as co-ordinator for your duty, you are responsible for the collection and return of library keys as well as the opening of the library on time.

​The Toy Library key is located within a Key box at the Mt Evelyn Station House (30 Wray Cres, Mt Evelyn). Please note that there are 2 key boxes – ours is the top one.

​The Duty Information booklet contains comprehensive instructions regarding the set up and running of the library. A printed copy is available in the Toy Library for members to reference during the session.

All Members


  • All items needed for setup have been rearranged to be on one shelf in the locked cupboard including the Duty Folder. Please return these items to the same shelf so that they are ready for the next duty session.

  • Please make sure all toys are returned and borrowed correctly. Count the number of toys on the computer and ensure this is how many the member is borrowing/returning. Always check the screen!

  • Please make sure you remind members to count the items when they borrow (this is the borrower’s responsibility) and advise us via email of any missing pieces.

  • On return of toys please confirm with member verbally that toys have been cleaned. Toys that have not been cleaned will need to be re-borrowed, cleaned and dried before returning.
  • If an ALERT message comes up under a members name requiring payment or any other message stating “no borrowing”, please do not allow them to borrow without the approval of Roster Coordinator or President. We understand that this may be awkward, so please direct them to us and explain that you are simply following the correct procedure. Our contact numbers are included with the laptop for your convenience.

  • No new members are to borrow during their sign up session unless they have paid via PayPal or Direct Deposit with receipt sighted by a duty member and agreed to the conditions (ie. to do duty once a term).


How do I view the Duty Roster for this term?

To view the current Duty Roster please log on to SETLS here.

If the online system is not working, what do I do?

  1. Grab some paper and write down the members name and what toys they wish to borrow

  2. Contact the phone numbers in the duty information booklet.

  3. If there is any information that needs to be communicated back to the committee, please email

What do I do during quiet times?

There are always shelves to tidy, toys to clean and a floor to vacuum. There is a tub of cleaning materials in the cupboard.

What are the different duty roles?

‘Co-ordinator’ is responsible for the collection and return of keys and the overall running of the duty session. Ideally the newer members will use the computer system and complete the borrowing/returning of toys, making use of the instruction manual when required to enable them to learn the most.

Other Members, if you have been a member for two terms or more, we ask that you volunteer to undertake the co-ordinator role for your third duty as we really need to share this role around, so please learn, learn, learn!

Can I bring my child/ren?

Absolutely. Keep in mind that you will be required to work on the computer/front desk and also the toy rooms, so do whatever is manageable for you and your family.

Please be mindful of what toys your children are touching and playing with and ensure that they are wiped down as appropriate to prevent the spread of any viruses.

Also please try and ensure that children play in the hall area rather than inside the Toy Library itself. Children need to be supervised at all times.

Can my partner do the duty?

Yes, a partner or family member can do your duty for you if you are unable to attend. However, if you are rostered on as duty member one, please let the roster co-ordinator know as this may make it tricky for them if the other members on duty are also inexperienced.

Something has come up and I cannot attend anymore; what do I do?

If you can not attend your duty, please arrange a swap with another member using the Members Facebook groupcontacts available on the Roster online and remember to let know of any changes. If it is a last minute issue, please contact as soon as possible.

As a fully volunteer run group, we rely on you to help with the running of our wonderful library.

Please remember that fees will apply for not completing a duty as detailed below:

  • No Fee: You arrange to swap duty with another member and advise the Roster Coordinator – This is the ideal option
  • $20 fee: You inform the Roster Coordinator but do not complete your duty in the term.
  • $30 fee: You do not make contact with the Roster Coordinator or Emergency Contact. This leaves the library short of a member and potentially means the library is unable to open, resulting in lots of unhappy members.

​* All rostered duty members may also borrow an additional toy at the conclusion of their rostered duty so please feel free to take advantage of this and have a fantastic session!